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Una app per studiare alberi e benessere urbano

“BZcomfort” è il nome della app sviluppata da un gruppo di ricerca interdisciplinare che riunisce competenze ecologiche con quelle sociologiche e antropologiche. Con la app, nei prossimi mesi, i ricercatori chiederanno ai cittadini di Bolzano come la presenza di alberi in quattro luoghi della città influenzi la loro sensazione di benessere.

Extreme mountain climbing and statistics

It’s been almost three years now since I began working at Eurac Research as a statistician. From my first day I was sure that with so many different institutes I would be analysing a rich variety of topics and data.

Nobel Prize winner at Accounting Summer School

The American economist Robert F. Engle won the Nobel Prize in 2003 for methods of analyzing economic time series with time-varying volatility. At the Accounting Summer School, organized by Prof. Lucie Courteau and Prof. Massimiliano Bonacchi, he gave an impromptu short lecture.

Sesam öffne Dich!

Wer sich auf der Suche nach wissenschaftlicher Literatur durch Bibliothekskataloge, wissenschaftliche Datenbanken, durch Plattformen von Anbietern von e-Books oder e-Journals arbeitet, trifft immer häufiger auf ein ganz besonderes Erkennungszeichen. Die Leiterin der Universitätsbibliothek Gerda Winkler über Open Access und Creative Commons.

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Dorothy Louise Zinn is Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. She has published extensively on immigration, multiculturalism, second generations of migration, clientelism and corruption. Her previous works include La Raccomandazione (2001), The Public Value of Anthropology
(with E. Tauber, 2015), and annotated translations of two monographs by Italian ethnologist Ernesto De Martino, The Land of Remorse (2005) and Magic: A Theory from the South (2015).

ISBN: 978 - 88 - 7975 - 658 - 7


Migrants as Metaphor

Institutions and Integration in South Tyrols's divided Society

Bordering with Austria, Italy’s province of South Tyrol features a historic ethnolinguistic division and a high degree of administrative autonomy designed to protect its German and Ladin-speaking populations. In the last two decades, immigrants from around the globe have been settling in the province. In an anthropological exploration of what happens in the encounter between old and new minorities, this study looks at schooling and other institutions in South Tyrol. It reveals how immigrant integration in such a context becomes a recursive reflection of the pre-existing social division.

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