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Autonomie und Nachhaltigkeit: Zwischen Freiheit und Einschränkung

Veranstaltungsreihe von Eurac Research: In den „Philosophischen Gesprächen über Autonomie 2023“ können Interessierte von April bis Juni in Bozen, Brixen, Schlanders und Meran mitphilosophieren.

Testata in val Senales una nuova tecnologia satellitare

Misura la conducibilità termica della neve e servirà per monitorare le risorse idriche.

Umgezogen: Die biomedizinische Forschung von Eurac Research ist im NOI Techpark

Das neue Labor für Zell- und Molekularbiologie ist bereits in Betrieb.

Death by a thousand cuts

The Federal Scholar is in Bolzano researching the management of landscape in the Alps, focusing on Alpine grazing and how it contributes to biodiversity as well as culture. As part of a book project examining the regulation of cumulative environmental effects Rebecca Nelson shares her work on cities and the environment, the subject of a recent book chapter and seminar.

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Prof. Stefan Zerbe

Restoration of Multifunctional Cultural Landscapes

Merging Tradition and Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Springer's innovative Landscape Series is committed to publishing high quality manuscripts that approach the concept of landscape and land systems from a broad range of perspectives and disciplines. Author Stefan Zerbe points out that "Restoration of Multifunctional Cultural Landscapes" wants to support or pave the way for all initiatives which aim at the preservation and restoration of our natural and cultural heritage, based on the principles of strong sustainability. Restoration of ecosystems and landscapes is here perceived as a truly inter- to transdisciplinary challenge which takes both the natural sciences (e.g., ecology and landscape ecology) as well as the social sciences (e.g., economics, anthropology, sociology, and ethics) into account.

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