Falls, flashfloods, high water flow—the dangers of canyoning are numerous, the dangers of rescue no less. EURAC’s Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine contributes to evidence- based research in ravine rescue. Findings include the definition of the role of emergency physicians and paramedics in rescue operations, and the design of new stretchers specifically tasked for ravine terrain.

In Memoriam
This photo was taken by alpine rescue instructor, Oskar Piazza, the Trento native who perished on 25 April 2015 beneath an avalanche in Northern Nepal. The avalanche was triggered by the earthquake that destroyed the village of Langtang. Piazza was a wellknown figure in the world of alpine rescue, and was vice-president of Italy’s National Alpine Cliff and Cave Rescue Corps. EURAC is coordinating donations to assist Patan Hospital in Kathmandu.

© Oskar Piazza

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